I’m Getting Better

One of the benefits of spending
Time in the hospital….


You get socks with tred on the top….or is that the bottom….and why don’t they sell these in stores….

Anyway, thank you all so much for your prayers and support for my family. I’m getting better every day!

We’ll talk soon.


20 thoughts on “I’m Getting Better

  1. When Andrew’s sarcasm returns after being really sick, I know he’s on the mend : ) So glad to see your sarcastic humor is out in full force : ) and glad you’re feeling a bit better! Continued prayers for you and your family!

  2. Really, I mean if you don’t want to have dinner with us just say so. You don’t have to be so dramatic and go into the hospital! :) SO glad you are getting better. Love you guys! We are praying for complete healing for you and strength for Penny. SEE YOU SOON!

  3. I love the socks! You should seriously wear them to church when you get back! So glad to hear you are doing much better. You and your family have been lifted up in prayer continually! God has His loving arms wrapped around you and is carrying you through this.

  4. woo-hoo!! :) Love you Bryan! Oh by the way, those cool tred covered slippers….I wore Adam’s that he had after his biopsies and they’re pretty comfy. I must say that after having 3 kids I never even wore my own in the hospital ! haha!

  5. Bryan….why are you always seeking so much attention!! jk–love you and so glad to see you are getting better….I am always here for you and your family!

  6. Attention Attention Attention – – whatever!!! jk You wrote me a card a long time ago (I believe it was your HS graduation thank you note) that I still have that said we had no idea how much we meant to you. Well, my dear boy, we feel the same way. Love to you and Penny and the kids. We are praying for a speedy recovery.

  7. Next time you are in need of socks please let me know! You, Penny, and the children continue to be in my prayers–love you guys!

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