Read this blog or you will die: A Blog about blogging from a blogger

There is a fine line between being compelling and being melodramatic. I’m pretty sure the title I used for this piece crossed it.  This is the life of a blogger. You want people to read what you write, but you are one of millions who have something to say.  The internet is the wild west of ideas (and blogs). Everyone seems to be fighting for a corner of this market. So we turn to over-the-top titles to draw people in.  Suddenly I find my self using tactics ordinarily reserved for gossip papers at grocery check out counters.

You have to make it sound urgent, so the person feels like they have to click on the title or they will miss some piece of information they must have.  Usually, it helps to have a list of 5 things a person must know in order to live a healthy life, a spiritual  life, or just a better life than their neighbors.  Now if you can find a ‘key” to making life work, that is even better….it makes it sound like there is only one and you hold it.

Just about the best thing you can do is come up with a title that makes a person’s index finger twitch, and then finally click the mouse that opens up the portals of wisdom flowing from your “retro-fitted” themed blog page.  And just about the worst thing you can do is craft such a title and then have nothing with which to fill in the space.

People will check out the magic potion you are selling until they realize it’s only dish soap.  They find out there are no secret “keys” and it usually takes more than 5 easy steps to the life you’ve always wanted.  Relationships take time to work through and God doesn’t seem to care if I have that Lexus. Now who am I to offer a critique on blogging techniques? Well I bring literally five months of blogging experience to the table. But, before you discount me, allow me to share my little arsenal of future blog titles:

1. God’s treasure is for you….here’s the map!

2. The one trick I learned to turn your children into the Von Trapp family (complete with dance number)

3. The “look” to give your wife to make her headache disappear (this one involves a video demonstration to fully explain said “look”)

4. Joel Osteen is the Anti-Christ: The truth behind the smile

5. Do NOT do any yard work until you read this!  (sorry….couldn’t resist)