Letters to my Children: You Talk too Much

Dear Adeline,adeline

From the time you were born, you have always had so much to say.  Each morning, before the first bite of syrup-soaked waffle brushes your lips, you have already burned through a small book of observations, comments, songs, questions, random thoughts and unusual mouth sounds.  Each night you spend your last moments, using any unspent words from the day to reject the advances of sleep.

The daylight between those two moments find your brother and I staring at each other in confused disbelief as your mind rotates from one line of thinking to another without missing a beat…. while your Mother just smiles at you like a woman who is on the inside of a secret.

Lately, you have been learning a lot about Jesus, His death on the cross and His resurrection.  You have been talking all about it:

“Daddy, did you know that Jesus died on the cross for our sins??”

 “Three days later he just rose again from the tomb!”

 “Jesus took all of our sin and POOF, they’re gone daddy!”

 “When Jesus died on the cross he broke our sins and we are free!”

 “Can you believe that Jesus died on the cross?”

 “No matter what we do, God still loves us.”

You’re voice is so animated; your eyes are wide and wild. You speak with a smile as you repeat this surprise over and over to anyone and everyone who will listen.  You talk about Jesus as though He is the greatest person who has ever lived, as though the cross and empty tomb was the greatest event in all of history.  When I hear you tell the story, I actually believe it is good news.

As people get older, they don’t talk about Jesus…. at least not like you talk about Him.  You speak so matter-of-fact about Him, you seem genuinely surprised at this unexpected gift, and you assume that others want to hear this amazing story.  But we grown-ups tend to talk about the cross in muted tones and in “appropriate” places.  We know that the answer is Jesus, we just aren’t as amazed as we used to be.

I don’t know why we don’t talk more about Jesus.  I suppose you talk about someone to the extent that you have let him in to your life and allowed him to reshape who you are.  I know for me, the moment my life intersected with your Mother’s, it has never been the same. Then we had, Evan, and a few years later you came along.  Then the surprise that is, Malina, happened and now I find myself forever changed. I don’t know a life that is outside of the one shaped by my family and I welcome any opportunity to talk about you guys to anyone who will listen.

Your brother and I might be tempted to say you talk too much right now. But in your impressive display of words are cradled the very depth and length and width and height of God’s love.  The reason you seem so surprised and amazed and filled with Joy is because the good news of, Jesus, is surprising and amazing and the source of lasting joy.

May you always see the wonder that is Jesus, and never stop talking about Him.


Your Dad.

17 thoughts on “Letters to my Children: You Talk too Much

  1. What a wonderful story. Your headline caught my eye and I just had to read. My son is the same, hardly breathe between sentences. Its a wonder to see how their brains just take it all in. A wonderful read. Thank you for sharing xxx

  2. She is an amazing 4 year old! A true joy to teach in Sunday school:) She loves to pray, talk about Jesus, repeat her memory verses over and over, and eat snack of course:) But the incredible thing is I learn so much from her! I love watching her grow up and see her love for God and Jesus:) Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thanks Madison. She talks all the time about what she learns in class – thank you for serving Adeline and many other children at Cool Spring

  3. Love, love, love! This is exactly what makes working in the preschool area SO worth it! Preschoolers are so quirky and sometimes talk to the point of exhaustion. But, their wonder and amazement reminds us of what our own view of the world once was. Love, love, love all 3 of your kids. Micah said Addie is his favorite friend. That speaks volumes to me! :)

  4. Ah, this sounds like my Leksi. It is amazing and wonderful and exhausting to listen to all her words. She says she wants to be a writer. I can’t wait to enjoy all the words that are yet to come.

    1. Thanks for reading Heidi — I’m trying to remember to enjoy the flow of words before she becomes a teenager and the someone turns the knob way down :)

  5. These are some sweet words, Bryan. What a dear legacy you are leaving your children!

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