The Universe is Big (watch until the end)

When we are talking about the universe, we are talking about something that is so large it stands right at the edges of our comprehension.

This video makes the point….and I am humbled.

For full effect, please watch until the very end.

Psalm 8:3-4.

One thought on “The Universe is Big (watch until the end)

  1. Even more astounding is that there are estimated to be as many as 500 billion galaxies in the universe like Andromeda, each one with up to 400 billion stars, or possibly 200 sextillion stars in the universe (200 followed by 22 zeros). But, there are estimated to be 100 trillion cells in the human body, with 100 trillion atoms per cell. That equals 1 followed by 28 zeros atoms in the human body (5000 times more than stars in the universe). Considering that life works on a molecular level, image 5000 universes of atoms swirling around in our bodies to make us what we are. And that all came about randomly through evolution?

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