Do You Remember this “Old School” End Times Movie?

Mondays on my blog are becoming my “remember when” of movies and T.V. shows….not sure why but let’s just go with it for now.

I’ll never forget arriving at church with my family one night to find that our regular services and activities had been cancelled, and instead they would be showing us a movie!! Sure enough, there was a movie projector with the film all fed through the machine and ready.  This was awesome….I had never watched a movie in “big”church before.They said it was going to be a movie entitled, “A Thief in the Night”. Sounded like an action adventure movie so I sat on the front pew and I was ready.

A few pieces of information I did not have before I started watching this movie. I was not aware of how poorly acted and produced most Christian movies were at the time. I also did not know this movie was a part of a series of movies depicting a view of the rapture and the end times.

I sat on the front row with my friends, my mouth open, eyes wide, pretending it was no big deal.  In reality, these movies scared the crap out of me!!  People were getting tattoos on their foreheads, there was a girl named Patty who missed the rapture and a creepy friend of hers with a beard from the 1800″s. There were these weird guards who always wore dark sunglasses and chased people without the mark. I remember there was a Guillotine involved….and even at a young age, I wondered, “why a Guillotine?” Did they really need to bring back that back?

Needless to say I walked around in shock after that. I’ll never forget getting home one day from school to find my mom was not in the house. It looked like she had started dinner, and the lights were on, but she was not there. Well, in my mind all I could hear was the song, “there’s no time to change your mind, the Son has come and you’ve been left behind.” I ran around the house in a panic, trying to think of who I could prank call that I knew God would never leave behind, to see if they were still here. A few minutes later, my mom walks in with a cup of flour from our neighbors house. That night I let my younger sister sneak into my bed, and I made sure I kept my foot on her leg, so I could make sure she was still there and I wasn’t left behind.

There is not a person I know who has seen these movies and has not had some kind of long-lasting psychological trauma.

Enjoy your Monday :)