Letters to My Children….

It’s hard to adjust to the quickness of life.  Moments move by so fast that sometimes I struggle to take it all in, not to mention passing on anything that I’ve learned. My wife and I have three children: A five-year old, a three-year old, and a sixteen month old.  I’ve noticed that our house is rarely still or quiet.  I’ve also noticed how time has started to move forward faster than it did when our family first began.

Many times there are conversations that I have with someone, or situations I go through, or thoughts that I have, that I wish I could somehow hold on to until my children are a little older. Then I could share it with them, offer them some kind of observation about people, and God, and failure. Maybe a couple of insights into relationships, the unfairness of this life, and even the strange and beautiful complexity of women (maybe).

So I’ve decided to write these things down every Friday morning in a blog for my children. Sometimes it will be something I need to share with my Son, Evan. Other times it may be a blog to my two girls, Adeline and Malina.  I don’t know how long this will last, and I don’t even know if they will read them. But every day in a million different experiences, there are these teachable moments that we can all grab on to, focus our children’s attention on, and plant something in their lives that we trust God will grow in them. I don’t want to spend life so focused on myself, moving so fast and living so distracted that I miss these teachable moments. In missing these moments I miss opportunities to hear the Holy Spirit speak….and I miss a chance to pour in to the life of my family.

“God, today, there are teachable moments everywhere….please help me not to miss them, for myself, and my family….Amen.”