Do you Remember this T.V. Show?

For three years in the early 80’s, the world was given the privilege of a television show entitled, The Greatest American Hero. This is the story of a man who receives a suit from aliens that gives him superhero powers, but he loses the instruction manual on how to use the suit, and has to figure it out on his own….yep….

I came along just in time to remember the very end of this show, but I loved it! Maybe because it was a combination of slap-stick and superhero, (it definitely wasn’t because of the writing or acting) or maybe it was the amazing theme song. I remember a fast food chain that sold copies of the song on a record with the purchase of a meal. We would spin that record and I would wrap something like a cape around my neck, fly around the room, and crash in to everything.

This was a time in my life where whatever I watched on TV, I acted out in real life in my neighborhood. You see growing up I still had “free-time”.  Free time was a time in a child’s life where there was nothing planned for you, no activities or sports to be at and no schedule to keep….you were simply told to go outside and play. So you made stuff up. For me, I would watch a show like Greatest American Hero, fly around the neighborhood, and fall down a lot. When I saw, Greystoke:  The Legend of Tarzan, I spent a lot of time attempting to climb up trees and grunt at people. And unfortunately, when I was exposed to Grease 2, I put on a black “Members Only” jacket, and rode around on my bike with a solid rocket boaster from my Space Shuttle toy hanging out of my mouth like a cigarette.

I miss free time….Enjoy your Monday.

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